Fantasy Formula 1 with Apex Motorsport

Can’t get enough Formula 1? You’re not alone.  Join the staff at Apex Motorsport in our own Fantasy F1 “Friends League” via the Badger GP app.



To join:

– go to

– sign up to be a driver under Create An Account (you pick a user name and PW — which requires jumping through some hoops)

– once you have your user name and PW log in on the Fantasy GP site

– pick a team name

– go to your “Pitwall”

– on the top nav bar go to “Friends” and click on the “Create/Join” button under Friends Leagues

– under “Join An Existing Friends League” on the right enter passcode 8726453

– go back to “Pitwall” and pick your team of cars and drivers under “Manage Team”

– then go back to “Pitwall” make you picks for the Australian GP under “Manage Predictions”

– you will have to make predictions for every race if you want to score maximum points


To learn more about the league visit:

author: Tim Cowhey


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